A Streamlit web app to index and query docs using LlamaIndex and LangChain.

Deploy on Railway

This template deploys a simple Streamlit web app for using LlamaIndex and LangChain, interfaces to connect LLM’s with external data.

LlamaIndex is an open-source project that provides a simple interface between LLMs and external data sources like APIs, PDFs, SQL etc. It provides indices over structured and unstructured data, helping to abstract away the differences across data sources. It can store context required for prompt engineering, deal with limitations when the context window is too big, and help make a trade-off between cost and performance during queries.

LangChain is an open-source library created to aid the development of applications leveraging the power of LLMs. It can be used for chatbots, text summarisation, data generation, question answering, and more. LlamaIndex uses LangChain's LLM and LLMChain modules to define the underlying abstractions, and query indices.

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