Hoppscotch, an open-source Postman API client alternative.

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Hoppscotch is a lightweight yet feature-rich API client and testing platform. Essentially the open-source alternative to Postman. While Postman provides a more extensive feature set and native applications across different platforms, Hoppscotch distinguishes itself as a free and nimble, yet rapidly evolving, alternative API client.

Hoppscotch was built to be lightning fast, with responses returned in near-real time. It allows developers to send HTTP requests with ease, supporting a wide array of methods like GET, POST, PUT, DELETE, and more. It can be customised to suit your aesthetic taste, offers real-time collaboration features, WebSocket and GraphQL support, and built-in code generation for several programming languages. Hoppscotch can be used as a browser-based app, a Chrome extension, a PWA app on your device, or as a self-hosted solution on a platform of your choice.

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