CyberChef, the cyber Swiss army knife.

Deploy on Railway

This template deploys CyberChef, the cyber Swiss army knife.

CyberChef, by GCHQ, is a simple web application for performing cryptographic operations like encoding/decoding, calculating hashes/checksums, and more, in the browser itself. It is designed for technical and non-technical professionals, and helps manipulate data in various ways without having to learn complex algorithms, install the underlying binaries, or maintain special environments for the tools. A cyber Swiss army knife if you will! CyberChef runs entirely client-side, in the browser, and does not send data to any web server.

Here are some operations that you can perform with CyberChef:

  • Encode a string in base-64 format / decode a base-64 encoded string
  • Automatically detect layers of nested encodings
  • Encrypt/decrypt data with AES/DES/Blowfish and other ciphers
  • Convert data from hexdump, and decompress the data
  • Convert date/time to a different timezone, display multiple timestamps
  • Decrypt and disassemble shell code
  • Save, load, and share recipes i.e. sequences of repeatable steps

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